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Cocktail Bombs - Glimmer Bomb Pack (9)

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Are you ready to add some sparkle to your cocktail game?

Introducing the GLIMMER BOMB PACK™, featuring three dazzling flavours that are sure to impress your guests. The LOVELY SPRITZER GLIMMER BOMB™ is a fruity blend of pomegranate and juicy cherry, perfect for a refreshing summer sip. The SPICY MARGARITA GLIMMER BOMB™ packs a punch with a zesty kick of spice that will awaken your taste buds. And last but not least, the LOVE POTION GLIMMER BOMB™ is a citrusy mix of cranberry, orange, and lime, perfect for a romantic evening with that special someone. Elevate your cocktail experience with the GLIMMER BOMB PACK™ and let the glimmer and sparkle shine through!

Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly. The box itself is recyclable and the individual wrap on the bombs is biodegradable.


Step 1: Unwrap your cocktail bomb.

Step 2: Drop your bomb in 6 oz (175 ml) of sparkling water.

Step 3: Watch it fizz for 5 minutes, add alcohol and ice. Enjoy!