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Dark Chocolate Gift Box, 15 pc.

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Delight dark chocolate lovers with a special gift box created just for them! With 15 decadent dark chocolates, this is the perfect gourmet chocolate gift for birthdays and special occasions.

Indulge dark chocolate lovers in a gift that you know they'll devour—our Dark Chocolate Assorted Gift Box filled with 15 delectable chocolate pieces in fascinating flavors and satisfying textures.

Your dark chocolate devotee will enjoy trying each of these favorite GODIVA pieces: Midnight Swirl, velvety ganache made with 85% chocolate in a dark chocolate shell; Dark Ganache Bliss, deep dark ganache made with 72% chocolate in a dark chocolate shell; Raspberry Ganache Twirl, deep dark chocolate and raspberry-infused ganache in dark chocolate; Dark Caramel Embrace, a chewy-soft center of premium chocolate caramel enrobed in dark chocolate, plus so many more.

Dark chocolate lovers know what they want; all you have to do is give it to them. Our exquisite chocolate box delivers an exceptional taste experience.

Box measures 7.60" x 1.30" x 6.67".