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Signature Almond & Honey Milk Chocolate Mini Bars, 8 pc. each

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What do you get when you mix creamy milk chocolate with perfectly roasted almond pieces and sweet honey? The ultimate chocolate bar for anyone who loves the taste of smooth milk chocolate and crunchy nuts in one delectable bite.

Our Signature Milk Chocolate Almond & Honey Mini Bars are an easy way to enjoy a small chocolate treat every day, no matter where you are! These individually wrapped mini bars are a satisfying chocolate snack for those non-stop days. Enjoy a rich chocolate flavor with subtle almond crunch and a smooth finish. These luxury chocolate bars are packaged in resealable cartons, so they're easy to keep fresh at home as a daily indulgence.

This set of 12 cartons holds eight, individually wrapped Signature Milk Chocolate Almond & Honey Mini Bars in each box, making it the perfect set to share with friends while keeping a few for yourself! Share a chocolate gift with someone you appreciate and bring a little bliss to their day.