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Stemless 12oz. - Metallic Collection

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Your favorite wine never tasted so good (or looked so cool). The Stemless Wine Cup keeps water, wine, cocktails, coffee and more perfectly cool for 9 hours or nice and hot for up to 3. Enjoy every sip with jewel-toned, color-shifting, stainless steel wine cups that keep the integrity of your favorite blend and are truly a treat to drink from after a long day. 

  • Includes Sliding, Shatterproof Lid
  • Triple-Insulated for the Perfect Chill
  • Slip-Proof, Silicone Bottom
  • Easy-Grip, Flat Sides 
Cool for 9+ hours, Hot for 3

Cool for 9+ hours, hot for 3



Shatter-proof crystal clear lid

Shatter-proof crystal clear lid